Girl Boxer : THE MOVIE



In supporting this film, you are supporting working women - mothers who are keeping their families together and trying to create at the same time.  Dornalai Cailin highlights just that, the fight for family and the choices we must make while trying to maintain our morals. This is the story of a woman who finds herself in the throws of the underworld... which path will she take?  


We are looking to raise 35K for production. Go big or go home! This is an ambitious film and in order to realize its vision, many different forms of camera equipment are needed. The fight scenes, the quick back and forth, the moments where nothing is said .. but meaning is made.. all require specific and quality cameras. These rentals are costly. The locations, a boxing ring and a pub, all cost money (more than I had ever imagined). Transportation of said equipment to locations will all cost money. We have hired award winning and experienced crew, DP and producers, all whose work is worth the money we are looking to provide. Special effects, make-up and fight coordinators all cost money. The actors on board have come from Broadway and Sundance to make this story come to life. Their talents will be recognized.

We have many unique perks to those who donate. Boxing memorabilia from trading cards to autographed photos. Larger donations could have you as a featured extra or you can nab one of the "secret perks".  By donating, you are becoming part of this story and this is just the start. There is so much story to tell.

Although there are many stories about the under-belly of the world, there is a lack of female protagonists.  Where do women fit in the shadows and how will their given circumstances effect the choices they make?

The fight for family is real.




 A film such as this demands a lot of man power.  We are relying on the kindness of our community to provide simple locations such as apartments.  We are relying on our community to come together and play as extras. Although these are small things, they are what can make or break a movie.

We are very lucky in that each person who has read the script and decided to come on board is with us for the long haul. They believe in the project and want to play a part in telling the story.I

If you can't contribute, there are many ways you can support GIRL BOXER.  Spread the word by tagging us on social media or use the available Indigogo sharing tools.  Each action is appreciated more than you know.



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