Girl Boxer : THE MOVIE



A hard-up-single-mother and former boxer, is lured by the Irish mob into an underground boxing match where questions of right and wrong are challenged when the love of family is concerned.


Girl Boxer is…

a dark, quick paced, heartfelt action drama from a female perspective.  It is an exploration of the underworld and the decisions one must make for the betterment of family.  Laura, a former lightweight champion boxer, is making the best life she can for her daughter, now that her husband, Matty, has found himself in prison yet again.

When Matty gets in with the wrong crowd and money is quickly needed, Laura relies on what she knows best and she is lured by the Irish mob to participate in a Russian operated underground boxing match.

The fight for family is regularly explored as moral dilemmas and life changing decisions are continuously presented to all involved: the established Russian family who operates the monthly boxing matches gaining capital and power;  the Irish family, in hiding and new to North America, looking to plant roots and build a strong foundation; and Laura, navigating her way in this dark world, fighting for her daughter, her husband and her life. GIRL BOXER holds nothing back during this inquiry into what is right and wrong when the love of family is concerned.







From writer, director + lead of GIRL BOXER Lauren McCann.



I have always been fascinated by the underworld….

the darker side of life where things happen unknown to the mass majority of people. I am, however, an optimist in that I believe most people are good. If this is the case, what leads people to do bad things?

The story of Girl Boxer explores this very question. A single mother, grieving grandparents and a supportive brother can all possess this duality. It is their given circumstance that will determine which path they follow.

This story played in my mind for almost a year, and soon after my son was born, I sat down and let the words bleed across the page in a matter of hours. As a first time writer and director, I am thankful for the support and encouragement I have received from friends and family.

This story has just started and many paths will be be crossed.