Girl Boxer : THE MOVIE



Laura O’Shea

Former Metro light weight boxing champion and mother of 5 year old Emma. She is trying to make things better for her daughter than what she had growing-up and  finds it difficult as a single parent. Her husband, and former high school sweet heart, is in jail once again. It is a cycle she knows all to well raised herself by a single mother with a father incarcerated for the better part of her childhood. Laura is a fighter in all sense of the word. Never underestimate a mother fighting for her children.


Head of the Doyle Family and raised in Norther Ireland fighting for the cause since a young lad. By the age of 12 he had already taken part in the _________ and the _____________.  When his father was killed, Danny took the lead and never looked back. Married local girl Mary McGovern and together they had 4 children; Danny Jr, Cathy, Patrick and Johnny. Danny is man of few word, but when he speaks you listen. The attempt on his life killed his youngest Johnny, and Johnny’s wife Shelly. His grandson survived and was rushed to safety. Danny, Mary and the baby have fled to New York.



Born in County Derry Norther Ireland, Charlie grew up in the shadows of the IRA and the fight for the cause.  The Doyle family name is spoken in whispers. Before his brother took the reigns on operations, Charlie left for North America where he set up shop in New York creating “Charlie’s Pub”.  Although he may no longer stand with the IRA, he will always stand for his family.



Married to Danny for 40 years and birthed 4 children to the Doyle clan, Mary is as sharp as a knife. She knows the ins and outs of the family business and support Danny in all his efforts.  Fleeing to New York was not part of her plan. Leaving her remaining children and grandchildren was hard, but loosing her baby was the hardest. Never underestimate a grieving mother.


Matty Tomasso

Laura’s high school sweet heart and the father of Emma.  Matty continuously attempts to play with the big boys only to rattle his mouth and find himself in trouble. He is once again in custody. Even behind bars, trouble manages to find him.


Nicole Santos

Local girl from a troubled home, who found work at Charlie’s Pub and a “family”in return.  Nicole is grateful to Charlie for taking her under his wing and helping her get back on her feet.  She would carry out any request made by Charlie Doyle as a measure of thanks and honor to the family.


Shane Murphy

American born of parents from County Derry.  The Doyle name was legendary in his home growing up and when the opportunity to stand with Charlie Doyle came, Shane was quick to answer the call.   Shane has achieve status with the Doyle clan and is one of the few who can sit by Charlie’s side.

Callum O’Boyle

Callum is a regular at Charlie’s Pub and wants, with his entire soul, to be part of the “family”.  Until he has proven his loyalty, Callum is the errand boy who often trips on his way out.


Robert Conno

Laura’s former trainer, friend and confident.  He was fixture in the amateur boxing world and and when Laura contacted him about training again, he was there in a heart beat.


Andrei Sokolov

President of Semya (family in Russian) Motor Cycle Club, a 2% outlaw motorcycle gang, Andrei worked his way up in ranks from prospect to President in an unprecedented 6 years. The club comes first.  Under Andrei, Semya has prospered taking in funds via numerous legit and questionable means, underground boxing being one of them. Instead of staying in the shadows Andrei has taken the MC into the light giving back to the Russian community.


Princess: Russian Fighter

Girlfriend of a prominent member of Semya MC and hard as nails street fighter.  She never trained formally but learned her boxing skill on the streets through the guidance of the MC.  During the day, she manages a Russian restaurant where many conversations are had in darkness.


Roux: Pub Singer

Roux had been working at Charlie’s since the start.  As former street performer she was living in the streets getting by with any means possible.  Charlie saw the potential and took her under his wing. She is still very in touch with her street family and provides Charlie with a network of unseen eyes and ears.


Memphis McCoy

Familiar with the Russian family, but not in the know of their business.  He is hired on a monthly basis to ref the women’s bare knuckle boxing matches. A family man looking to make extra income in his own right.

Mac : Jailer

A heavy for the Doyle family.  His bark is as bas as his bite.

Joey Connelly

Don’t let his looks fool you, he is as tough as nails, but he has the brains to match.  He took one for the family and Charlie knows it.